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GitHub (GitHub Support)

May 10, 2022, 11:16 AM UTC


Our spam detecting systems flagged your account because it appears to have been used for the purpose of artificially inflating the popularity of one or more repositories. This activity goes against our Terms of Service:

Additionally, you appear to have registered multiple free user accounts. Our Terms of Service state that an individual may not maintain more than one:

For these reasons, we’ll need to continue to leave this account flagged.


GitHub Support


I'm just beginning to learn. There may be some wrong operations, but

I request that since I have more accounts, you can flag my other accounts. Can't you leave this account to me? In fact, I have only one account!


你就说你不同的账号有不同的用途, 这个账户是高频使用的账号

另外, 建议你问这个问题, 不要在安装部署里面问啊, 可以尝试google 找问题答案吧

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