oceanbase-ce: servers: # Please don’t use hostname, only IP can be supported - global: home_path: /home/ch/observer # Please set devname as the network adaptor’s name whose ip is in the setting of severs. # if set severs as “”, please set devname as “lo” # if current ip is, and the ip’s network adaptor’s name is “eth0”, please use “eth0” devname: lo mysql_port: 2883 rpc_port: 2882 zone: zone1 cluster_id: 1 datafile_size: 8G # please set memory limit to a suitable value which is matching resource. memory_limit: 8G system_memory: 4G stack_size: 512K cpu_count: 4 cache_wash_threshold: 1G __min_full_resource_pool_memory: 268435456 workers_per_cpu_quota: 10 schema_history_expire_time: 1d # The value of net_thread_count had better be same as cpu’s core number. net_thread_count: 4 sys_bkgd_migration_retry_num: 3 minor_freeze_times: 10 enable_separate_sys_clog: 0 enable_merge_by_turn: FALSE datafile_disk_percentage: 20

端口号参数不对,是大“P”,不是小“p”。obclient -h127.0.0.1 -P2883 -uroot